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Dolfi1920 is specialized in repairing and replacing damaged airline luggage. We are the European leader for processing  aviation damage claims; a highly dynamic firm, offering comprehensive, tailored business solutions focusing on customer satisfaction. We are a client-oriented organization committed to providing our customers with a high quality professional service, whilst remaining competitively priced.

Since it’s inception, Dolfi1920 has adhered to a „one step ahead“ philosophy, incorporating innovative business solutions and investing in new technology to best serve the interests  of  our customers. The emphasis on quality, innovative solutions and customer focus, is the core strength of our business and provides our customers with significant competitive advantages in the global aviation marketplace.

Company Roots Pioneers of baggage reparation

We trace our earliest roots to 1920. We have been engaged in the area of leather goods distribution, repair and related products for more than 80 years. The company was re-established in 2005 in Frankfurt am Main Germany as Dolfi1920.

Main business segment

  • Aviation claims
  • Warranty repairs


Since 2005 Dolfi1920 has greatly expanded and proudly serves more than 80 airlines. Our reference list includes not only the major carriers but also local, small and medium sized airlines, all of whom are internationally known for their excellent quality of service.

Global scope

We conduct business in more than 12 European countries and serve more than 80 airlines.


  • Kelsterbach, Germany
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Lisbon, Portugal

Product spectrum

We provide comprehensive handling of all types of baggage:
Trolleys hard or soft, suitcases hard or soft, travel bags, sport bags, beauty cases, golf bags, scuba diving trolleys, tennis bags, ski bags, bicycle transport cases, music instrument cases, weapon boxes, hiking and trekking backpacks, tool cases and trolleys etc…handling, repairing and replacement of all types of baby strollers and baby car seats.

Door to door pickup and delivery service

Dolfi1920 announced in 2005 the launch of its free door to door service, working with transport providers including courier operators and company-owned conductors. With its door to door service, Dolfi1920 provides its customers with an optimal transport solution both in terms of cost and delivery efficiencies.

Service centre

Since the foundation of our company we have collected exceptional experience in aviation claims. Our uniquely talented professionals speak all major European languages. This allows us to support all our customers from a centralized location.
Operational benchmarking- the way to win key competitive advantage for your business.

  • An interactive voice prompt can guide the client to the correct agent or give information automatically.
  • Available 24 hours 7 days a week, we offer support around the clock, 365 days per year
  • Contact support by phone, fax, mail or web
  • Representation in all major European languages.
  • Information system, informing our customers automatically about the actual status of the shipment


  • Rendering of expert opinion through our highly qualified personnel

Replace service

In order to meet stringent requirements of quality but nonetheless maintain a high throughput of bags, Dolfi1920 works in close cooperation with more than 100 leading baggage manufacturers. In addition we offer our own in-house brand.

Repair service

High average percentage of repair rates due to:

  • Wide-range cooperation with major manufacturer
  • We conduct warranty repair services for various prestigious baggage manufacturers as: Brics, Roncato, Briggs & Riley, Atlantic & Travel-pro and Porsche Design.
  • Large variety of no-name spare parts
  • In-house developed repair techniques and methods
  • Highly qualified professional staff
  • Longstanding experience

Loaner bag and baby-strollers

  • Providing our customers with loaner baggage and baby-strollers as required and at no charge

SCM software applications

Web based software allowing work to progress from multiple sites and live monitoring of customer data and repair status independent from the location being used.



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